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The Article: How To Get The FROW Look For LFW

What does it mean to have a front row (FROW) style? And how do you get the street photographers at fashion week to pay attention to you and what you’re wearing? The FROW look is something indescribable, a certain “je ne sais quoi” to how you hold and dress yourself. Most of us won’t have Karl …

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Pure London Autumn/Winter Fashion Trade Show

I like to go to fashion trade shows once in a while; even though I’m a content creator and more of an end-user than a buyer or supplier. The reason why is pretty simple; it’s great to go and interact with suppliers, buyers, local and indie designers, and see how the industry is progressing. I went on a windy Sunday afternoon and attended the Pure London trade show at Kensington’s Olympia Exhibition Hall in west London.

The Shoot

The Shoot: Queen of Hearts, part 1

Channel your inner Queen of Hearts this Valentine’s season, by embracing the heart prints, delicate whites and bold red accents. The holiday is one that evokes a lot of strong emotions among people and couples in particular. Some absolutely love the holiday because of the hope and expression of love and joy, and others view …

The Shoot

The Shoot: A Christmas Editorial, part 3

This shoot is definitely my favourite of the Christmas series. Technically it was also the hardest one to pull off and really pushed my skills as a photographer. I turned the lights way down, brought out lots of warm lighting and turned on the Christmas decorations to achieve that warm ambient glow. It also meant …

The Shoot

The Shoot: A Christmas Editorial, part 2

Though you can’t tell from the looks on my face, but shooting this editorial with Christmas decorations and wearing party wear was actually loads of fun! Here I’m messing around with a Christmas tree star, pretending to be the tree itself, while wrapped up in tinsel. I’m usually laughing and hyper during shoots, but as …