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The Shoot: London Fashion Week Day 2

London Fashion Week has come and almost gone, and I spent half of the time sick. Urgh, I do hate February! Friday and Saturday had me suffering from a severe migraine, which is weird since I’ve never had a migraine before. Friday was worse, so absolutely no evening parties or anything. Thankfully it was somewhat …

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The Article: How To Get The FROW Look For LFW

What does it mean to have a front row (FROW) style? And how do you get the street photographers at fashion week to pay attention to you and what you’re wearing? The FROW look is something indescribable, a certain “je ne sais quoi” to how you hold and dress yourself. Most of us won’t have Karl …

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Pure London Autumn/Winter Fashion Trade Show

I like to go to fashion trade shows once in a while; even though I’m a content creator and more of an end-user than a buyer or supplier. The reason why is pretty simple; it’s great to go and interact with suppliers, buyers, local and indie designers, and see how the industry is progressing. I went on a windy Sunday afternoon and attended the Pure London trade show at Kensington’s Olympia Exhibition Hall in west London.

The Shoot

The Shoot: Queen of Hearts, part 1

Channel your inner Queen of Hearts this Valentine’s season, by embracing the heart prints, delicate whites and bold red accents. The holiday is one that evokes a lot of strong emotions among people and couples in particular. Some absolutely love the holiday because of the hope and expression of love and joy, and others view …

The Shoot

The Shoot: A Christmas Editorial, part 3

This shoot is definitely my favourite of the Christmas series. Technically it was also the hardest one to pull off and really pushed my skills as a photographer. I turned the lights way down, brought out lots of warm lighting and turned on the Christmas decorations to achieve that warm ambient glow. It also meant …