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The Editorial: Natural Neutrals

There’s nothing more stereotypical, than wearing linen in the summer. It’s honestly the perfect fabric for those hot, humid days and nights. It’s made of natural fibres, breathable, and while it crinkles it’s often the perfect thing for a more relaxed attire. 

Linens have been more abundant than usual on the high street these last two summers; in part by Jacquemus’ revolutionary treatment of the fabric and his subsequent spring/summer 2020 and 2021 collections. He’s shown us that it can be worn in more formal settings, it’s perfect for partywear, also works in the winter and doesn’t have to just be a neutral shade. 

But while bright linens is another love of mine, I wanted to focus on the natural shades for this shoot. I loved the easy elegance of beige and neutral tones, in often all-linen outfits and to stop it being boring I added pops of colour through rainbow eyeshadow and bright square heels. It was just another way to incorporate my two favourite designer brands; Jacquemus and Bottega Veneta. 

Here are four different outfits for you to enjoy and get some fashion inspiration. I’ve a mixture of high and low brands, and where possible tried to find more affordable options for those who don’t regularly shop at Net-a-Porter. 

Outfit details

Knit bra: Khaite, found here. Similar ones found here and here.

Linen trench coat: Mango, found here.

Knit shorts: Zara, old, similar ones found here and here.

Green leather sandals: Bottega Venta, found here. Similar ones found here and here.

Gold alphabet necklace: Céline, found here. Similar one found here.

Considering I’ve had this set for almost a year; having bought it at the tail end of summer last year; it’s actually quite surprising it hasn’t appeared more often on this blog, if at all. It’s partly because the bralette is quite a lot; but I still love this set so much. the skirt is quite regularly worn for work, though the bralette does get retired for special occasions or date nights only. 

For a set as daring and bold as this Jacquemus outfit, I kept the rest of the look quite simple. Just some older Bottega Veneta square toe sandals and an oversized straw hat from ASOS from several years ago. Do you really need anything else for this?

Outfit details

Linen bralette: Jacquemus, old, similar ones found here, here and here.

Linen pencil skirt: Jacquemus, old, similar ones found here and here.

Blue leather strappy sandals: Bottega Venta, found here. Similar ones found here and here.

Gold alphabet necklace: Céline, same as before.

For this third outfit, I tapped into another huge trend for spring/summer 2021, and that’s wide leg trousers. These from Bershka, are not only linen-blend, but also incredibly flattering despite my short stature. I paired them with this beautiful ASOS draped backless linen top, that I was frankly lucky to get because it sold out so quickly. But it’s makes for a more evening-appropriate outfit in all linen.

The shoes are a pair of red satin The Attico Venus satin red slingbacks, that are absolutely impossible to find online in this shade anymore. I’ve linked the leather version below,which are just as amazing to be honest. 

Outfit details

Linen draped backless top: ASOS Design, found here. Similar one found here.

Linen wide leg trousers: Bershka, found here.

Red satin pointed heels: The Attico, red leather ones found here. Similar ones found here and here.

Gold alphabet necklace: Céline, same as before. 

For the final outfit I’ve gone much more traditional in my linen outfit, and focused on a cropped linen shirt and a wrap skirt to match. The wrap skirt is an old one from H&M form a couple of years ago, that still gets used a ridiculous amount because of its versatility. The linen-blend top is from Zara, and a lovely addition and I’ve paired it with this beautiful and fun wicker shopping tote from Kurt Geiger and another pair of Bottega Veneta square sandals. Because, why not, eh? lol.

My shoe wall now has an entire Bottega Veneta square toe heels section because of my obsession. These yellow ones are a definite new favourite, and amazingly comfortable,. I’ve found some lovely high street imitations below, and an especially good ASOS flat sandals version that I might pick up too. 

Outfit details

Linen cropped shirt: Zara, found here.

Beige wrap skirt: H&M, old, similar ones found here and here.

Yellow woven leather sandals: Bottega Venta, found here. Similar ones found here and here.

Llama wicker tote: Kurt Geiger, found here. 

Gold alphabet necklace: Céline, same as before. 


Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
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