From 2019, and a shoot called An Isolated Land
From 2019, and a shoot called H&M Giambattista Valli Collaboration.

What is The Fashion Nomad and who am I? Two very different, but distinct questions to ask.

First off, The Fashion Nomad is this site, a fashion-centric site focusing on the latest trends, high end fashion editorials, VLOGs, articles and all the cool things I think you should know about; whether it’s a type of bag out or the latest craze in shoes.  It was born out of being a bit of a nomad, and this wandering aspect to fashion is central to what this site is all about. This site is for those who want to try on new trends, different guises and personalities that they normally wouldn’t dream of. Ever wanted to wear combat boots, but felt it never fit your style? Then you’re in the right place. Fashion is about being experimental and free to try almost anything, something that is massively encouraged here. From its earliest days ten years ago, it was always meant to be a positive world where we can all obsess about fashion in harmony.

What I particularly love doing on this site is producing high end fashion editorials that tell visual stories; something born from that short period in my life where I worked for fashion magazines and also as a stylist. With this site, I want to take you more behind-the-scenes of these editorials and also show you how they were produced, the concept was created and also explore how to shoot like that yourself.

And finally who am I? My name is Franzi, and despite this site existing and having done this for 10 years now, I am actually quite a private person. But you need to know who I am to understand why this site exists. So, here is a bit about me.

I am a ‘half-Irish, half-German’ woman who has been obsessed with fashion since I was in single digits. I was born in Berlin and raised by a German mother in the wilds of Ireland, lived in Dublin for 6 years and moved to London 8 years ago. As a result, I have always seen myself as a bit of a nomad and immigrant, wandering from place to place. It was partly why I named my blog The Fashion Nomad all those years ago, because I really identified with that wanderer. I dreamed of becoming a fashion journalist, and despite having done a Masters in Journalism, it ended up not being the path I trod. Now I am a mother to a boy named Davey and wife to a fantastically surpportive husband. I have a corporate career during the day where I am also a multi-media designer by specialism. It’s why you get so many whizzy produced videos, GIFs and stylised photos, lol. In my time off, I spend most of it creating content for this site. It is my creative outlet and a way to express myself. Despite being a somewhat lacklustre poster, I have never quite been able to give up on this site and what it represents.

From 2016 and a shoot called An Amish Wonderland.
From 2015 and a shoot called 3 Mill Lane.

But in the last year or so, I have felt that this site needs to grow too. It started out all those years ago, as a personal blog that documented my life in the fashion industry. And as I have grown and changed, it has grown with me, but with that growth and change, there has been a feeling that it hasn’t been enough for this site. I have always dreamed of becoming an Editor-in-Chief of a fashion magazine, and the older I got, the more I realised I could do it myself with this site. So, while the shoots might still contain me, and the articles are written by me, you will see a shift in the focus away from me and this site as a personal blog, and more to a professional magazine.

From 2017, and a shoot called National Theatre: Yellows.

I hope you will come on this journey with me, because I think there are still a lot more fashion editorials to produce, trends to try out and things to learn. For the restless wanderer, there is always something new to explore.

Franzi xx


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  2. Hi, How many unique users does your blog receive a month? Thanks!

    1. It reaches over 4,000 users a month. Can I ask why you asked that question?
      Thanks, Franzi

    2. Cheers! It is quite a difficult feat, learned through many blisters and sprained ankles! 🙂

  3. Look forward to reading your posts. I always loved Journalism.

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  5. Franzi, I really like your blog, productive and fresh!
    I wonder if it’s possible to get hold to the SCOPE magazine in US?

  6. I just added this webpage to my google reader, great stuff. Can not get enough!

  7. Kristin says:

    I love the new layout!!!! It’s so pretty!!!

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    I definitely appreciate this blog. Please make more posts…

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