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New York Fashion Week Report 1; Victoria Beckham and Alexander Wang

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A whole array of lovely outfits and catwalk shows are coming out of New York this week with New York Fashion Week having officially kicked off on Friday. There’s always such a feeling of excitement in the air just as Fashion Month is beginning, before we are all exhausted from the long four weeks of non-stop catwalks, late nights and endless cups of coffee. I’d say take a moment to enjoy the calm before the storm, but honestly I just want to dive into the new collections and see what they are offering us.

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is in a waxy mood; at least that’s what the clothes he sent down the catwalk on Saturday were all about. In his own words, the collection was about “a surrealistic approach to fabric manipulation”, which definitely shone through with every piece of fabric getting a sheen of gloss or wax. There was also an element of surgical precision in his clothes, from the cut of the coats and dresses to the turtlenecks of the tops that starkly remind one of surgical masks.

As usual, Wang’s details don’t disappoint. I can just about see every fashion editor and fashion blogger coveting his calf-length leather boots and his bags are both utilitarian and classic in their designs.  

Victoria Beckham

There’s something about Victoria Beckham’s collection that makes you excited to see what she’ll bring out next and at the same time you know exactly what it’s gonna be. She has found her design voice and her niche and with every collection she rolls out her confidence is growing along with her voice.

We were still given her classic body-con dresses, though she has left behind the sporty aesthetic of the last season and gone for a more sombre military vibe. The colours; muted charcoal, olive green, dark ochre and bold sapphire blues gave us a darker tone for the autumn/winter season. Her detailing too is becoming stronger, though not bold, with dainty collars, broad single stripes across the body and her fold-over clutches were to-die-for. Vogue called her collection a ‘luxe sense of pragmatism’ and I for one have to agree. This is a collection that shows how far she’s come.

It seems even with her accessories, Mrs Beckham is growing in confidence, for this season we saw an array of socks worn over the Louboutin boots designed for her collection and it’s a brilliant stroke of styling on her part. The bags are as covetable as ever and her coats have a sleek feel to them, while shaping the body.

The most adorable part of the collection though is the name for her new fold-over clutch named after her daughter Harper and her husband sitting proudly on the front row cheering her on.

So what are your opinions of the new collections coming out of New York? What are your favourites and are there any you’re looking forward to seeing? Let me know.

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  1. Catherine Smola says:

    I’m not quite sure about the new Victoria Beckham collection. I preffered last season. It was much brighter and flirtier, but I can see she’s a good designer.

    C. x

  2. Desiree says:

    OMG I just love all those outfits!!!!!1

  3. Chrissie says:

    I don’t think I like Wang’s collection. It’s too strict and rigid for my liking, but not everything is to my liking.
    love the blog!!!

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