New Look and New Beginnings

Hello world, Maybe I should be saying, hello strangers, since it’s been over a month since my last post. One whole month! When they say January is the hardest month of the year they really weren’t kidding. Usually I wouldn’t go too much into my personal life outside of this blog on here because I’m such a private person, but I feel I owe you guys an explanation and an apology for my continued absence. I’m not being a very good blogger here. After a particularly crappy start to the year, which included job uncertainty, financial uncertainty, moving last minute and a bout or two of illnesses I’m finally back to some extent. Anyone whose ever even contemplated moving apartments in London will attest to how stressful it is. That being said I’m back and as you can see by the very new and shiny layout of my blog, I’ve opted for a change. Call it the New Year haircut, if you like, since i’m far too chicken to ever actually cut my hair into a dramatic style. Joking aside, this change with my blog I’ve been planning for a while, but never managed to pull it off. I’m going to be moving away from WordPress (sob!) and going into the scary world of self-hosting, hence why my header now states What do you guys think of the change? Is the name better or should I stick with my original title and what’s your opinion on the new layout? I’m still testing it all out, so if you guys have any better ideas or things you think I should change, please let me know.

Outtake from the next Look of the Day shoot

Lastly, I’ll be doing a lot of backlog on the posts that were sitting half finished on my dashboard but were never published during my month away, so don’t be confused when you see images and posts that were from December or January. I will be back tomorrow with the first of my posts on New York Fashion Week. Eeeek!!!! Anyone else excited for Fashion Month? I have still so much to prepare for London Fashion Week!!! Until then, Franzi xoxo


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