H&M has gone green again. This year it’s the Conscious Collection

Hello world,

After a very successful Garden collection this time last year, H&M are at it again and they are going out of their way to prove that they are the ethical high street brand to follow. This season it’s the turn of the Conscious Collection, which will be debuting in all shops from the 14th April.

I was a great fan of the Garden Collection, and I bought far too many items of it, so I was quite keen and excited when the first images for this collection came out. While they do look cute and I love the scalloped edges of the shorts and cream dress, I’m a little disappointed they didn’t tackle prints this year. It’s all rather white and boring at times.

The one thing you can’t argue on, are the prices which are as low as usual. I won’t fully make up my mind on this collection until I see it in person and feel the quality, but I hope that my high expectations for a favourite high street brand won’t let me down.

Here are some of my favourite pieces;

Until then,




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