The ‘Wow!’ Item – Bottega Veneta Padded Cassette Bag in Purple

So, what is a ‘Wow! item? It is that one piece that just makes you drool because of its beauty, uniqueness and sheer audacity at existing. The rules are it doesn’t just have to be impossible-to-attain designer; it just has to be ‘wow!’ Every month I’ll pick out a piece of accessories; whether they’re shoes, …

The Fashion Nomad’s Hidden Gems of London

There are many amazing places to visit in London, some are incredibly well-known and some you would never know existed if you didn’t have a local point them out. Nearly all the locations on this list are places I’ve done shoots at before, and that is partially because I like to find unusual places and also because I did genuinely fall in love with these locations. So here is my list of spots that I think are absolute gems in London and not everyone will know about.

Topshop Blushing Brides, by Richard Nicoll

Topshop Blushing Brides, by Richard Nicoll

Hello world, Did everybody a while back remember hearing that Richard Nicoll was doing an affordable bridal range for Topshop? Good, because the first images have just been released and they don’t disappoint! This isn’t the first time Nicoll has collaborated with the Topshop brand, as this is now his sixth collaboration with the retail …