Springtime Sports Star

Springtime Sports Star

Hello world,

Christmas is over, the best of sale has already been sold and we’ve left the New Year behind. Even the days are starting to look brighter, so it’s a bit apt that it’s time to start looking towards springtime. Thankfully the majority of the shops are looking towards the spring/summer season too and were able to give me these gems.

Now the sportswear trend is quite simple; Calvin Klein epitomised Americana sportswear and Victoria Beckham has become synonymous with her own version if the trend, emphasising on bold colours ad clean lines.

This season the sportswear is more active as it takes its inspiration from the field, with Isabel Marant working the baseball shirt to a whole new level while Alexander Wang taking on the college football wear.

These sporty signatures are some of my favourite pieces on the high street.

black and white geometric print dress – River Island; Neon coloured satchel – River Island; Teal block pencil skirt – Topshop; Peach sports top – Miss Selfridge; Metallic racer back – Topshop; Colour block dress – Motel; Neon yellow crop top – New Look; Yellow mini structured skirt – H&M; Blue sporty platform wedges – Topshop; Cream mini skirt – H&M; White sporty tee – Miss Selfridge; Neon green dress – H&M

What do you think of the updated take on this trend?

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Fantasy wardrobe, All That Shimmers…

Fantasy wardrobe, All That Shimmers…

Hello world,

It seems that this season all that glitters isn’t gold. Designers and the high street have been falling over themselves to drape us not in the usual gold, but metallic silver.

Whether it’s silver lamé, sequined, woven or embellished, the aim for this season is to shimmer like a disco ball.

I’ve selected a few of my favourite pieces from the high street as who needs designer when these babies are a fraction of the price.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my ‘Look of the Day’ which is my own take on the metallic trend.

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H&M Spring 2012 Collection Preview

H&M Spring 2012 Collection Preview

Hello world,

For all those of you who have been following my blog for a while you’ll know I don’t usually bother with posting lookbook posts on this blog anymore, partially because everyone does them and often because I’m too late to the punch. But I had to break my own rules for H&M, because it’s my favourite of the high street stores.
And what a treat they have given us.

For ease I’ve split the images into trends to better explain their new collections and the first one is;

60’s Pop



H&M has gone for a full 60’s revamp for their spring/summer collection and it isn’t more evident than in their bright mini dresses and smart Capri pants. Last year’s nod to fluoro brights doesn’t seem to have been forgotten either and the colour du jour still seems to be a variation of tangerine.

This season we are more toned down with our brights and it is less about the clash than colours, that compliment themselves in bold stripes and delicate floral prints.

Their second trend doesn’t step far from 60’s brights to something more grown up.

60’s Ladylike




For those inspired by a more grown-up look this nod to the ladylike styling of Jackie Kennedy will revel in this take from the 1960’s.

Full midi skirts in mature floral prints and colourful smart suits are a more playful nod to this sombre trend. Even the baby blue lace dress is more fresh than dowdy. Paired with some sixties shades and platforms, it’s the perfect ode to the ultimate First Lady.

And that brings us to another sixties inspired trend;

Fluoro and Minimalism




H&M seemed to have liked their collaboration with Versace so much, they have gone to Versus designer, Christopher Kane for their inspiration.
Flouro brights such as this neon dress not only show a continuation of last spring’s obsession with neons, but highlights one of the emerging designer’s iconic collection. This is matched with a nod to the allure of minimalism in basic colours and geometric patterns in the cut of the second dress.

Keep an eye out for this trend as it doesn’t seem to be dying down at all. The next trend takes on a staple of spring/summer collections;

Shades of White




In essence there’s nothing new about this trend. Every season at least one designer does white, whether it’s in suit form, classic basics or minimal chic. But that is not the point of this trend or what H&M have done here.

We have all aspects of this trend covered, and enough options to give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air with pieces you can wear all year long.

However, the sleeveless white leather jacket is a fabulous piece, the collarless suit jacket is impeccably cut and designed and the short sleeved knitwear will make a great transition piece from winter into spring.

This trend might not be making waves, but it has always proved popular.
And on to our final trend;

A Touch of the Orient



(Images courtesy of H&M)

The one thing that surprised me about the inclusion of this trend in H&M’s spring/summer collection is that the oriental theme would still be around. When I first spotted it this time last year it was a welcome change, but this has me confused.

While the inspiration is a lot more subtle, something I quite appreciate, I didn’t feel it was as predominant on the catwalk for this season to be included here.

Nevertheless, the sapphire blue wrap is elegant and would be a killer party piece for going out in. Even though I’m not a fan of the chinoiserie patterned tunic, it gives a subtle nod to the orient in it’s collar and print.

Well that’s my rather long assessment of the upcoming trends for H&M. Now we just have to wait those arduous long months until the pieces themselves hit the shops.

Let me know what you think of them; which are your favourite and which you can’t stand.

Until then,



Fantasy Wardrobe – My take on Pre-Fall’s obsession with shimmer and mustard

Fantasy Wardrobe – My take on Pre-Fall’s obsession with shimmer and mustard

Hello world, It’s a little depressing writing about anything pre-fall, considering it’s still July and I am desperately clinging onto every last summer day we can get before it becomes all cold and wintery again. But it must be done, as the shops are starting to bring in their pre-fall …