Practical fashion? Yes please!

Hello world,

You know I love it when fashion can be practical too. I get to sit there and gloat at all those people who complain that the fashion industry is nothing more than a shallow industry filled with vapid people. You might think that but we have magic gloves, so hah!

Just bear with me on this one, while I gloat happily to myself. When a good friend of mine pointed out these gloves to me a few days ago, I nipped down to the nearest Primark to see what all the fuss was about.

These gloves allow you to use your touchscreen smartphone without ever having to take your gloves off and freeze your fingers off. How amazing is that?

Thanks Eimear for pointing these out to me. Now I can be smart in the winter-time and not have to go without using my phone.

Until then,




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