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The ‘Wow!’ Item: Cult Gaia’s Pearl Marbled Acrylic Tote

I’ve found the new ‘WOW!’ item, the piece of accessories that I am absolutely obsessed over. It’s this pearl, marbled effect circular tote from LA-based cool brand Cult Gaia. It is absolutely fabulous and as I already said, I’m obsessed with it. The hook-shaped metal hooks onto your arm so you don’t have to hold it in your hands, it opens up, and it comes in three different shades. My personal favourite is the baby pink versionl, because it’s just so cute and I love the light colour. But you know the most amazing thing about this bag? It only costs approx £330!

Cult Gaia is a brand I’ve been aware of and watching for a few years, and what makes them particularly cool is that their price point isn’t too out of reach of most of us. This is the same brand that came up with those half-moon wicker bags, and the sculptural heel on strappy sandals that were everywhere last summer.

So, I’m looking forward to what they’re going to create next, because when it comes to accessories that are interesting and great with shapes, this brand has it all.

Now if you want this bag too, you’d better hurry up as they’re selling out everywhere! Links to where you can currently find them, are in the images.

Light pink version

Mother of pearl white version

Tortoise coloured version

Below are some more images of how you could style this glamorous bag.


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