Tamara Mellon says Adios to Jimmy Choo

Hello world,

Some very shocking news has been coming through the wire today; that Tamara Mellon and CEO Joshua Schulman have left Jimmy Choo.

(Image courtesy of mogulite.com)

Tamara Mellon set up the company fifteen years ago with Malaysian born London shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. She has watched and guided the company as it was sold time and again to different private equity firms as the company grew.

Having previously worked at British Vogue she turned a talented cobbler into a multi-million pound brand.

Five months ago the company was sold to European luxury group Labelux for a reputed £500 million. Though Mellon and Schulman left Jimmy Choo on amicable terms, there have been mumblings that managers of Labelux were disgruntled over the state of the company when they purchased it from Towerbrook Capital.

Either way, she leaves with a legacy and as one of Britain’s richest female entrepreneurs.

What do you guys think of this piece of news?

Until then,




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