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Kate Moss for Topshop, final collection

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Now i’m not a big fan of Kate Moss or her collections for Topshop, simply because I never saw what the fuss was about or understood what was so amazing about her sense of style, but I thought I’d pay attention to the fact that she has just launched her final collection for Topshop, which has arguably been the most successful celebrity collection ever released in a high street store.

Frankly, here it doesn’t even matter if I disagree with all these statements; Kate Moss has captured our style consciousness and whether I agree with it or not, she is the true style icon of the decade. So in a way it must be with a tinge of sadness that the final collection for Topshop has been released online and in all participating stores from the 2nd November.

Fans of the supermodel will rejoice on the Iconic capsule collection featuring her bestselling pieces from the last 13 collections, such as the iconic Pansy print dress to the red flutter sleeve maxi dress.

Here are some of the items from the Iconic and Kate Moss’ last Limited Edition collection for Topshop.

Kate Moss for Topshop Iconic collection, Pansy print dress
Kate Moss for Topshop Iconic collection Eagle mesh dress
Kate Moss for Topshop Iconic collection Heavy Beaded dress
Kate Moss for Topshop Limited Edition Tiered Ruffle maxi dress
Kate Moss for Topshop Limited Edition Beaded stripe dress
Kate Moss for Topshop Limited Edition Sequin playsuit

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