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Royal High Fever

Hello world,

As the whole world eagerly awaits the much-publicised wedding of Kate Middleton (or Catherine as she should now be known) and Prince William, the media has gone to town on the whole affair. In fact it’s gotten so bad that every fashion news article I seem to come across is something to do with the royal wedding.

I’m all for the wedding; they seem like a lovely pair and she is certainly a beautiful and poised girl, but this has gone a little overboard.


What is even more galling is that Vogue, Elle and the likes are calling her a style icon. Frankly there is nothing new or iconic about her style. She dresses and acts much like any other royal or British upper class and to assume that sue has great style because she chose a beautiful Issa dress for the engagement announcement is rather insulting to our intelligence. In my books the only good style choices she has made is her wearing all those Issa dresses, because they really do suit her shape.

That is all, so this is me boycotting against the entire media farce. I hope for the sake of Kate’s so-called inner style icon she chooses a bold and daring McQueen dress and defies all royal protocol.

I wish them both the best of luck, but until this wedding is over I’m going to stay well away from the newspapers, blogs and online sites.

Until then,





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