New York Fashion Week; part 2

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While London Fashion Week is edging closer and closer, and I still haven’t planned everything out, New York Fashion Week has been trundelling on and making quite some headway.

Here are my favourite shows from the last two days. As always, please let me know what you think of them as I love all your thoughts and opinions! πŸ™‚

Day 3

Donna Karan

Images courtesy of

Donna Karan has gone back into the Safari. Only this season, she is less gamer than African tribal; heavily influenced by the colours of the African savannah. Karan herself has spoken of her frequent trips to Haiti in the past year and this is also very evident in her strong print dresses.

While I’m not a fan of ever piece in her collection, her wooden and plastic necklaces are delightful and the body-con dresses in rustic orange or safari tan are delightful.

Jenny Packham

Images courtesy of

Jenny Packham is known for elegant dresses, that are light, floaty and usually come with some form of embellishments. In this sense, her spring/summer 2012 collection is no different than her previous ones. In fact Packham doesn’t ever change from her formula. It has made her successful and continues to sell; so why change?

That is exactly the problem with this collection. While I love all the dresses and they are undoubtedly beautifully made, I feel there’s nothing really new here. That is not to say this collection isn’t successful. I still want to buy every item in her collection, but until the formula changes just a little, I will always be hoping for more.

Day 4


Images courtesy of

For their collection the Muleavey sisters turned to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and asked themselves who else used those startling greens and purples. Their answer was Vincent Van Gogh and what a combination that makes. The fact that this collection isn’t too terribly kitsch and ‘Hallmark-esque’ is a testament to their talent. It feels fresh and vibrant, and for those people who find the Van Gogh graphic prints too daring, there are plenty of sturdy knits in candy colours and structured trousers.

Diesel Black Gold

Images courtesy of

Diesel Black Gold in a sense does exactly what it says on th tin. It is a brand for young urbans with a decidedly more relaxed attitude to fashion and this is epitomised perfectly in their new spring/summer collection. Added to that we have a collection focusing around metallics and the shimmer of fabrics and it truly is a collection of black gold.

While the metallic pants might be a bit much, the shimmering knits and metallic leather jacket in a rich jade is perfect for those winter months.

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78 thoughts on “New York Fashion Week; part 2

  1. Is anyone else as concerned as I am about the health of these women? I mean, seriously — if I didn’t know better, I’d swear these pix were stretched and skewed to make the women look taller. But nope — they’re just that skinny.

    Some of the fashions are AMAZING … but can’t they get real women to model them?

    I don’t mean to be on a stereotypical rant, but just had to contribute my .02. πŸ™‚

    1. I absolutely agree with you. They’re constantly talking about not wanting to put too skinny girls on the catwalk, but I don’t see any of the talk in action yet.
      Sad really. Especially for young girls (like my sister) who are insecure about their weight and see this as an ideal (I hear my sister often say how she’d be more beautiful if only she were skinnier!!)
      Whats more sad is that Idk how I’d look in those fab dresses. Having boobs and ass and all that stuff a woman should have… hmmm…

      1. Unfortunately the fashion designers seem to prefer women to be as unhealthy as possible. So until someone convinces them otherwise, they’re gonna keep designing clothes for their distorted ideas.

  2. Great roundup of the different styles that have emerged from NYC Fashion week! I hate the African print inspired clothing that seems to be everywhere. I really like Jenny Packman’s sheer, flowy options.

  3. Loved the photos of Donna Karan and Jenny Packham’s collections. I agree with you about Packham’s collection – loved the turquoise dress. For some reason Rodarte looked like three patterns with variations of long versus short and with sleeve and without sleeve, but did like the 7th pic shown. By the way, love your blog!

  4. Thanks for sharing! My favorite ones are the first seven, the ninth picture, the one shoulder white dress and the white floral dress that follows. I have always wanted to go to a fashion show, maybe soon, haha. Once again, thanks for sharing and congrats on being freshly pressed!

  5. OK is it just me or do others agree that the punched in the eye, “black eye” make-up look is just wrong and ugly? When did looking like a heroin addict become an “up-scale” look? If looking like a heroin addict is considered to be fashionable, then we really are a morally bankrupt society.

  6. I Love Love Love images 7,8 & 9 of the Rodarte collection! Exquisite! Also loving the old school Hollywood glamour of the 1st Jenny Packham dress. The white dress (image 4) in that collection is also Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing these fabulous images.

  7. Thanks for posting these great picts πŸ™‚ I’m really loving some of those Donna Karens. The first printed dress and the green gown are AMAZING. Congrats on being freshly pressed and so glad I found ur blog πŸ™‚ aloha, malia.

  8. Always loved “Fashion Week” when I lived near NYC! Once at Bryant Park near trhe big main Manhattan Public Library, I saw Halle Berre (we had met before, but the “new” security at the time wouldn’t let me get near her to remew our acquaintance). Your blog pix arae some of the finest MFAS I’ve seen in a while! Kudos on getting Pressed like a “Fresh” fashionista on the runway!

  9. There were at least three by Peckham, a poppy-red one with a simple top and an exuberant skirt and two long dresses just above it, but not including the one worn by the black girl, because that skirt, so short, looks silly.

    However, all those dull pouting baby faces or Rodarte’s black rimmed eyes….

  10. I went to her home page, and there weren’t any dresses as nice as those you have here by her! Nowhere. I looked up several pages.

    Her name is Packham, not Peckham as I wrote.

  11. omg! I adore clothes in every shape and form, I instantly fell inlove with those beautiful Jenny Packham dresses. So whimsical. I want every single one too! πŸ™‚ I really liked this post heaps! Beautiful clothes, I have no clue about who is who in the world of designers despite my dream career being a fashion designer! πŸ˜› Ingnorant aren’t I? xoxo great work!

  12. Donna Karan: I like some of her garments, my favorite is undoubtedly the mustard yellow cape/shawl!
    Jenny Pakham: I didnt like the collection very much. There are som nice and sweet dresses but it doesnt make any impression on me what so ever. I like the simple, white dress the most.
    Rodarte: I really find this collection terrible! The combinations of the textiles and colours was awful, and to me it looked very cheap.
    Diesel: very simple and a bit uninspiring, but beautiful tailoring!
    Thank you for posting this post, I really love it!

  13. I’m not a fan of super long dresses or panda eyes. I only had eyes for the shoes – the colours felt too garish in some outfits and several styles look a bit odd. All I like is Diesel’s top in Image 2.

  14. They are all very stunning. I’d like to believe that one of my life’s desire is to be able to watch New York fashion week live and to walk on its runway my ultimate goal

  15. nice clothes. it would definitely takes a nice body to look nice in those clothes. looks like i have to loose those additional pounds that i picked up during my last holiday if i would even ever dream of getting one of those…

  16. I’ve been to NY fashion week, I’ve always wanted to. Maybe one day. I don’t think I’d really wear a lot of this stuff out, it’s more of a live art show, don’t you think?

    1. Yeah exactly! I mean even the way the shows are styled. It’s not meant to be worn that way. Designers are artists after all and while a dress might look great on it’s own you’re not gonna copy the entire look.

  17. Am off work ill and badly needed something pretty to take my mind off the constant banging in my head. Such beautiful images, many thanks for sharing x

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