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New York Fashion Week in pictures so far

Hello world,

Fabulous New York fashion week really has been good to us. Not only is it the time of year when everyone looks their best and really dress to impress, it also features lots of heavenly new clothes to drool over.

Here are some of my favourite photos to come out of the first half of fashion week, and by god aren’t they pretty!

Image courtesy of The Sartorialist

This girl has got to be the most beautiful and fiercest girl I’ve seen so far. Rocking killer heels, an amazing sequin encrusted tunic and a freshly shorn head. You look amazing, sista!

Image courtesy of Garance Dore

What’s not to love about this bold orange dress and her statement necklace. The piece de la resistance is without a doubt Garance’s charming commentary.

Image courtesy of Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton
Image courtesy of Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton

Is that a Mary Katrantzou dress I spot? Any woman who wears one of her dresses deserves extra style props from me. I’m obsessed with Katrantzou!

Image courtesy of Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton

The fabulous and exotic Anna Dello Russo, looking surprisingly soft. I love this candid shot that Tommy Ton took, and major props to him for it.

Image courtesy of Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton

You wouldn’t want to hug this woman, but by God are those sleeves AMAZING!!!!

Image courtesy of Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton

Susie Lao from and Dazed & Confused looks as kooky and bright as always. The fact that she started out as a blogger? I should hate her, I really should…

Image courtesy of Jak & Jil's Tommy Ton

Well those are all my ramblings. It’s back to the mundane life for me!

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