Freshly Pressed? Why thank you indeed!

Hello world,

Well something odd happened yesterday evening. I got home after a long day of work and after having my dinner I collapsed on my bed and had a glance on my WordPress app on the iPhone if I needed to do anything else for a post I was finishing off for today.

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Well I look at my comments and see 12 comments awaiting my moderation. Okay, I thought to myself, wondering why I had gotten more comments in a few hours than I usually get in a week. Maybe people liked my coverage of New York Fashion Week.

So I went through them all and had a casual glance at my site stats.

Holy cow, I have over a thousand hits! A thousand hits!!!

Then I wondered why people had been congratulating me on being freshly pressed. Then I started to wonder what freshly pressed was, so I googled it.

It turns out the editors had liked my post so much they posted it on the WordPress home page. So this is my thank you to all the guys who commented, liked my post, subscribed and even read it. You are all seriously awesome!!! And to the editors of WordPress; an even bigger thank you! I don’t think I fully appreciated it at the time how much of an honour it is, but I do now. I only hope I can live up to the expectation now.

As for all my new readers, I hope I can do my blog justice and I hope you will all stick around. I tend to be active during London Fashion Week so there will be plenty of pictures then!

Love you all!

Until then,



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