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Happy Birthday Grace!!!

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Today is the 70th birthday of an absolutely iconic woman in the fashion world and my all-time favourite stylist; Grace Coddington. While she may be the quieter of the dynamic duo that are her and Anna Wintour, if you ask me she is the real star. Working tirelessly behind the scenes at Vogue for over 20 years, she is the amazing creative director of US Vogue and imagines and pulls-off some of the most amazing shoots I have ever seen. I grew up poring over the pages of Vogue and loving her work for its sheer artistry and drama; it’s ability to be fun and playful yet high fashion. She is one of the reasons I have such a great love for fashion.

So to mark her birthday here are a few images of Grace through her modelling career and join me in wishing this remarkable woman and former model a resounding happy birthday.

British Vogue 1962, Grace as cover girl

Vogue 1973, photographed by Helmut Newton

Here are a few of my favourite shoots she has done for US Vogue.

Lady Gaga Hansel and Gretel shoot, US Vogue, December 2009
Twenties spread, US Vogue, September 2008
US Vogue, September 2008

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