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Spot the Difference – Irish Tatler and US Vogue

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Of two things anyone who reads my blog would be aware of. The first is that I’ve been interning with Irish Tatler for the last few months, and the second is that I’m a huge fan of Sarah Rickard’s work. So not to sound ridiculously sycophantic and pathetic I’m going to shut up before I start sounding like an idiot. If you’re not quite sure who Sarah Rickard is, she’s the chief stylist for the magazine and bloody brilliant at it too.

In saying that, while in the office I was able to peruse the back issues of Irish Tatler and read up on the issues that I had missed over the years and this one shoot popped out as one of my absolute favourites.It’s the December 2010 issue, and while it’s high concept and beautiful to look at, I’m more excited about the fact I found out what they were inspired by.

On the left is the Irish Tatler shoot, and on the right is a shoot from US Vogue from July 2010. Look at the similarities between them!

While they might look quite alike, in themes they couldn’t be more different. One is about unpacking dolls and the model’s poses have a very stiff feel to it, the other is about the fashion world’s farewell to Alexander McQueen, symbolised here by the packing up of his beautiful dresses. and in case you were wondering, The Irish Tatler shoot is from December 2010 and is photographed by Liam Murphy. The models are Danielle and Amber from Morgan the Agency. The US Vogue shoot is from July 2010 and is photographed by Anne Liebovitz and is styled by Grace Coddington (another personal favourite).

Here are some more photos from both shoots, because they’re both that great.

Irish Tatler December 2010 editorial shoot
Irish Tatler 2
Irish Tatler 3

American Vogue, Nobel Farewell editorial, July 2010

US Vogue 2

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