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Fashion at its most ridiculous

Hello world,

I know fashion has its detractors, and while it can be frivolous, a little shallow and miniscule in the grand scheme of things; most of the time you just mention the figures this business brings in and the amount of jobs that depend on it as a good counter argument.

But there are times, when even I have to say that this is getting a little bit ridiculous.

Case in point these pair of shoes. They are made of pure gold and encrusted with diamonds to the tune of 30 carats, or 2,200 in total.

They are from British jewellery designer, Christopher Michael Shellis from the House of Borgezie and they retail at £140,000. That’s £140,000 for a pair of shoes! Now if I had gotten my way I’d buy an entire house full of designer shoes, but there seems something so excessively sickening about paying over a hundred thousand pounds on what must be an incredibly uncomfortable pair of shoes. Let’s face it, gold does not have the flexibility of leather and I reckon they would cause more blisters than even my most uncomfortable shoes.

Aimed at a Saudi princess with a bank vault of ready cash to burn and a desire for a pair of shoes more exclusive than her encrusted Louboutins; they to me seem the best example for the excesses that have led to not only the global recession, but the one that has bankrupted Ireland at home.

Shellis adds, that, “The aim of this was to create a unique form of jewellery which you can wear on your feet. It’s a bit like if you found these on an archaeological dig in thousands of years time they would be regarded as a treasure – a treasure of the feet.”

While a treasure for the feet they may be, it’s not one too many people are keen to jump upon.

They have been on sale for the last five months and they still haven’t been sold. Maybe the recession has finally knocked some sense into the super rich, because if these pair were a work of art it could still be justified, but you’re expected to wear them? That’s just a bit ludicrous.

I love fashion and everything about it, even though I can hear my mother’s voice in my head lambasting me for liking a skirt from Zara that costs €80 and in her opinion is far too expensive for the type of skirt. I love that couture is unattainable for someone like me, and I don’t even mind that I have to save up for a few months before I could even think of affording a designer bag, but this just seems all wrong. If I’m going to go and spend £140,000 on fashion, then I’d either want something so uniquely brilliant it would last several lifetimes or something I can get a lot of wear from.

Frankly these shoes are neither.

So while fashion is still credible and a global business worth billions, this one little pair is just a step too far into the world of shallow.

That’s my two cents on this and let me know if you agree or disagree.

Until then,





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