SCOPE magazine…my new project

Hello world,

So something cool’s happened. I finished my final exams and essays a week ago and we finally managed to finish our group project, a magazine, that we had to produce. It was called SCOPE magazine and a few of us from class have decided to keep up the magazine as a free Dublin publication.

And to celebrate the fact that we’re taking on such a large project I’ve put up the images from the fashion shoot we done for the first issue. This was styled by myself and a girl from class, Danielle Farrell, the model is Asheena Naidoo and the photographer is Eoin Holland.

The shoot is called Swap shop chic and it’s a mix of the high street, swopshops, vintage and designer consignment shops to create our interpretation of the 50’s style.

Enjoy these really beautiful shots.

Photographer Eoin Holland

Styling Franziska Hensel and Danielle Farrell

Hair Eric Conlon @ REDS

Make-up Vicky Hanna

Model Asheena Naidoo @ D1 Models

The details on outfits can be found on the SCOPE magazine website, on this link.

Until later,




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