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Irish Tatler editorial shoot – April

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After the success of the last editorial shoot for Irish Tatler, I was very excited for the editorial shoot for the April issue. And to top it all off, it was also going to be a location shoot; which are by far my favourite to do. I like the comforts of a studio shoot, what with electricity, heat and a roof over your head, but they have a tendency to get boring in my books. So I was doubly excited when the editor told me it would be on a beach in Wexford.


Getting up at five am was not fun and the two hour car ride wasn’t that great either, but we got there and this would be the first time I would see Barry McCall in action as the photographer so I was very keen to see what he was like to work with.

The theme for this shoot was about the prints and bold colours of spring/summer 2011 and shot against the stormy seas and desolate beach it would make for amazing images.

Sarah the stylist was also very lucky to get so many sample pieces from the designers, which would make this shoot even more exciting. Seeing that amazing Paul & Joe long sleeved maxi dress featured in their spring ad campaigns up close and in person was so cool. But by God is it sheer! I really felt for the model as she would have to wear that on a frigid cold beach.

The Louis Vuitton oriental dress was another beautiful dress, but it felt so flimsy in when you handled it, and the Chanel blouse was just strange. I have to say I’m not a big fan of Chanel lately. Maybe I’m still too young for it, but it really feels like Karl isn’t trying anymore. Although I will concede that the idea of doing a leather and fabric mesh pair of shorts was a great idea. The Prada was as eccentric as expected and we even got those Prada loafer platforms sent over to us, you know the ones with the multi-coloured stripe platform. They were mental and everyone agreed they looked horribly, apart from me who found them quite cool and whoever had the courage to actually own them, quite brave.

Anyway I’m rambling and I’ll just let you have a look at the images. Favourite shot without a doubt is the Paul & Joe floral maxi, and I so can see that becoming a DPS in the issue.

The April issue of Irish Tatler should come out sometime in middle March, so look out for it.

Stylist Sarah Rickard

Photographer Barry McCall

Hair David Cashman

Makeup Paula Callan-O’Keefe

Model Thalia @ Morgan

Stylist assistants Jessica Bowen and Franziska Hensel (me!)

Makeup assistant Michelle

Post-production Paul Canning


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Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
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