I want this dress – Jenny Packham dress on Gossip Girl

Hello world,

It’s been a while since I paid attention to Gossip Girl and the fashion on this once ground-breaking show, partially because season three was just so bad; but I was perusing an old favourite site, www.gossipgirlfasshion.net and I came across this gorgeous dress.

The dress is Jenny Packham and it comes from the autumn/winter 2010 collection that showed at London Fashion Week back in February. Now, this is nothing new that anything on Blake Lively looks amazing; the woman could wear a coloured jumpsuit circa 1980’s and with that body of hers she could still look fantastic.

But just to prove that it isn’t just Blake’s stunning good looks, here’s an image of the dress from the catwalk.

This has made me a little obsessed with Jenny Packham and while perusing for the dress in question, I stumbled across her entire collection; and even though this show was from months ago, it’s so fabulous I feel like showing the photos again.

Now, if only I had the money for all these dresses…

Until then,




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