Lookie what I bought – red fur scarf

Hello world,

Today I found an absolute bargain in one of my favourite vintage shops in Dublin, last week’s Shop of the Week, Lucy’s Lounge in Temple Bar. There’s no need in telling you how amazing this vintage clothes, knick-knacks shop, but I thought I’d put up a post and show you this amazing real vintage fur scarf I bought there today.

Now, not everyone is keen on the concept of fur, but I always say, it’s better to be consistent in your beliefs than to simply jump on the bandwagon because everyone else does, cry about how cruel wearing fur is yet at the same time have no problem wearing crocodile leather or buying battery farm chicken.

Ramblings aside, here’s the scarf I bought and it only cost be €10! I’m even more in love with Lucy’s Lounge because of this scarf and I might have bought it in the wrong season, but come winter-time and I’ll be so happy I snapped it up.

Here’s the scarf;

Until then,



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