Shop of the Week – Lucy’s Lounge

Hello world,

For this week’s shop of the week, I thought it’s about time we cover something other than the high street and here I recommend my absolutely favourite vintage shop in Dublin, Lucy’s Lounge in Temple Bar.

This shop holds everything from women’s clothing to knick-knacks, to vintage accessories, to toys, home decor and men’s clothing. Housed originally in the basement on Fownes street the owner has recently expanded onto the ground floor, where she once had the shop over 16 years ago.

Deidre the owner, often called Lucy herself, is also an entertaining character and a real sweetheart, who often recommends items for you or lets you know when she’s next her next shipment of vintage clothes from London.

What makes this shop so unique to the other vintage shops in Dublin, is that it is a true vintage treasure trove; it is not pretentious and best of all it doesn’t charge you a hundred quid for an old dress. The true essence of vintage is that it is second-hand and therefore cheap and that is a main reason why I love it so much.

Here are some images of the shop and the last one is of a visit I made with a friend, Danielle Farrell to the shop months ago.


Myself and Danielle Farrell at Lucy's Lounge

Until then,




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