The Shoot: Fuchsia, Magenta, Cerise

Magenta, fuchsia, cerise; whatever you call the colour it is one hot shade right now. Kinda matches this hot summer too. While spring and early summer was all about green, fuchsia seems to have taken over for the hot July month. We can’t be surprised. The spring/summer fashion month did warn us, but I feel that this colour kinda crept up on us out of nowhere. So, to do this colour justice I wore an entire outfit in this hot shade of pink.

The Details: Christian Louboutin Fifi heels, River Island clutch, H&M Trend socks and Hermés H bangle

I have an odd collection of accessories in my possession. Take for example these Fifi Christian Louboutin pumps, that looked so cute at the time, but I regretted the purchase a few months later and now they just sit in the back of my closet. Similar with this River Island …