The Throwback

The Throwback: Basic Instinct

This shoot dates all the way back to May 2012 when I tried out the white minimalist look. The suit jacket and skirt combo were a fantastic set from H&M Trend, back when their Trend collection was still amazing and pretty far-out there when it comes to high street fashion. Unfortunately they just haven’t been as experimental in their collections for the last couple of seasons as they used to, so it’s nice to look back on old outfits when I used to buy almost the entire Trend range.

This shoot was also interesting, because before this point I’d never really tried to shoot in bad weather before and it taught me so much about lighting and how even dark clouds can really mess with the image quality of a high spec camera. Thankfully my camera equipment is much ┬ámore advanced these days and I’m able to overcome the bad lighting much better, but the grainy-ness is still something I struggle with.

Anyway, enough of the ramblings, and enjoy the image below and have a good Thursday. It’s nearly the weekend. Yay!

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White jacket and skirt: H&M Trend – Yellow sandals: H&M – Sheer shirt: American Apparel – Silver necklace: H&M for Jimmy Choo


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