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The Shoot: Polka Dots and Pastels, Part 3

For the third and final post of the Polka Dot and Pastels series, we have this delightful outfit here. This outfit is like the perfect balance between the vibrancy of polka dots and this pastel shaded satin skirt. Annoyingly though, while this is in my opinion the best outfit of the three, it’s also the one I have the least good images of. My remote started acting up in the previous shoot. The light changed quickly while shooting, so a lot of the images ended up under-exposed. I had to do quite a bit of correction in post-production to bring the images up to scratch. Annoyingly, it means we only have 5 decent and viable images of this shoot. Again, a real pity especially since I couldn’t shoot the hair bow at all.

The outfit is made up of this very frilly polka dot cropped top from H&M. I love how it’s black and white, the polka dots are huge and its got the one shoulder. The skirt  I got on sale from Zara, that I picked up at the start of summer. You can still find other versions all over the high street. Let’s face it, a pink satin midi skirt in bias cut really was everywhere this summer! The accessories were this adorable black hair bow from H&M, and my Chloé Nile Minaudiére in black leather. The bracelets are my trusty Hermés Clic H bangle in white and my Tommy Hilfiger large chain link bracelet. Both are absolute everyday wear pieces for me, so you probably see them pop up in lots of shoots.

Finally, let’s talk a little about the location. I have honestly wanted to shoot at the white cliffs for years. I’m glad I finally managed it. In hindsight, I would not choose Seaford as a shoot location again. Not because the town isn’t pretty, because it is, but because there really wasn’t great access to the cliffs themselves. There was a pier. But it became very crowded and busy during the day, and I couldn’t capture the panoramic shoots I love doing. It was also annoying I couldn’t go down to the beach right next to the cliffs, but it was too dangerous to get there.

Also a lesson learned for future shoots; the chalk of the cliffs rubs onto your clothes really easily. By the end my trainers and my camera equipment was coated in white chalk! For future shoots, I have to take towels and wet wipes with me, lol.

Outfit Details

Black polka dot crop top: H&M, found here

Pink pastel satin midi skirt: Zara, similar ones found here and here

Nile Minaudière black leather clutch: Chloé, found here

Black hair bow: H&M, found here

Clic H enamel bracelet: Hermés, found here

Gold thick link bracelet: Tommy Hilfiger, old


Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
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