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The Everyday Shoot: Yellow Ruched Dress and Oversized Straw Hat

What could be more emblematic of summer 2019, than a ruched dress and an oversized straw hat? I honestly struggle to find something. It’s the classic combination. It’s warm colours, easy to wear, so fashionable and quite sexy. Summer as a season is usually quite sexy; after-all what would be summer without swimwear. But this summer is particularly a fan of showing off a lot of skin. Slip dresses, barely there strap on dresses, tops and heels are everywhere. We seem to be really comfortable with showing our skin. So that makes this outfit absolutely an example of the trends of summer 2019.

Let’s talk about this outfit a little more below.

First and foremost, the dress is from Zara. I love Zara; and you guys know that. With the amount of Zara items I wear on this blog, you would honestly think I’m a paid staff member of them, but I’m honestly not. I love their clothes; their cuts, the fantastic way they cover trends and none of it ever looks too over-the-top. It’s like it’s sexy without being slutty, if you know what I mean.

Ruching is a big trend this season, and this dress is a perfectly ruched piece of clothing, that creates a fantastic figure. It nips in at the waist, has cap sleeves for those of us nervous about our upper arms and is long enough to hide problem spots on our upper thighs. In short, it’s absolutely perfect. It is also in the loveliest warm yellow you could imagine, that just looking at the dress makes you happier.

I paired it with this amazing oversized ASOS straw hat, that I originally purchased for the Country Girl shoot from a few months ago, but barely utilised there. It’s got a very structured shape, black ties and is so nice and wide. The bag is my Chloé Drew in brown suede and leather, which fits perfectly with the colour scheme of this outfit and the casual and relaxed style. The final piece are these skinny nineties yellow sunglasses from Mango, that really, really don’t fit my face. But they’re cool and I’m a slave to fashion trends. 🙂

Tip number 1 With ruched outfits like this dress, I recommend you go up a size.  If the dress is too tight on your body, the ruching will be stretched out and it won’t look as nice. 

Tip number 2 Go either for a large straw hat or a pair of sunglasses. Because both are so extra, I wouldn’t wear both in the same outfit.

Tip number 3 Go for flat sandals over the strappy sandals or chunky trainers. 

Outfit Details

Yellow ruched mini dress: Zara, found here

Oversized straw hat: ASOS, found here

Yellow narrow sunglasses: Mango, found here

Suede and leather cross-body bag: Chloé Drew, similar one found here


Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
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