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The Everyday Shoot: The Cycling Shorts Trend, Tuxedo Shirt and Denim Jacket

For the fourth outfit in the cycling shorts trend, I wanted to go for a more casual and everyday styling of the cycling shorts and a tuxedo shirt combo. This outfit is inherently more casual than previous outfits, and perfect for taking in the city while running errands. The denim jacket makes it perfect for those summer days when the British weather can’t make up its mind. Plus, sock boots are always so comfy to walk around in.

So, read on below to see how I styled this outfit and what you want to bear in mind.

The first, and most important thing to bear in mind with this outfit, is you want to style the oversized shirt to fit your body. I’m wearing a tuxedo shirt from my hubby, which is naturally way too big for me. I loved the length of it and the front panel detailing, which I wanted to showcase. The arms are way too long, and because the cuffs are tuxedo-style, it had to be rolled up. I really loved the look of folding up the cuffs, so I styled the denim jacket in much the same way, rolling up with cuffs on the jacket and layering it over the shirt cuffs. By keeping the shirt open with just the belt closing it around my waist. I wanted to highlight my waist and have it fall loosely around my hips.

Tip number 1 With the denim jacket this outfit is inherently more casual, so tone down the formal aspects of the white shirt.

Tip number 2 Turn your cuffs up to create an interesting element to your wrists. Roll up your tuxedo shirt and turn up your denim shirt cuffs to hide the oversized length.

Tip number 3 Balance out the tuxedo shirt by adding a waist belt to your outfit and heels to your feet to lengthen out your legs.

For cycling shorts, I chose the longer version because I think the shorter ones would have looked wrong with the length of this shirt. The outfit is finished off with a pair of black ankle sock boots I got from Missguided well over a year ago, a cute black choker necklace and my very old- but always trusty Chanel le Boy in chevron detailing. It is in need of a trip to the restoration shop, but I still love it as much as always.

Outfit Details

Denim jacket: Mango, found here

Oversized men’s tuxedo shirt: TM Lewin, found here

Long black cycling shorts: H&M, found here

Double Western belt: ASOS, found here

Black sock ankle boots: Missguided, old. Similar ones found here and here

Black lambskin Le Boy in chevron detailing: Chanel, found here

Black cross choker necklace: New Look, similar one found here


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