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The Everyday Shoot: Wrap Skirt and Snakeskin Boots

Dusky ochre colours and beige are some of the hottest colours for this summer. To fully understand this particular trend, think the Mediterranean and north Africa with its rich terracotta, sand and copious sunshine. That’s what this trend channels and how you should build your outfits for maximum effect. Read on below to find out how I achieved this look; what to look out for and what to work.

First and foremost worth mentioning, beige on its own does not suit most skin tones. I discovered that the hard way myself. I have sallow skin and honey blonde hair, but beige on its own makes me look washed out and almost dead in the face. This trend is better suited for darker skintypes; heck even light pale pink tones would suit beige better than sallow skin and blonde hair. 🙂 But I loved the beige trend and I was determined to find a way to wear this amazing wrap skirt. So I paired it with its natural companion; dusky ochre colours. And suddenly because I wasn’t wearing beige on its own but with a darker warm colour, the trend worked on me again. So let this be a lesson to you all; watch out for your colour tones and combinations. 🙂

But let’s talk about the outfit itself. Both the strappy body suit and wrap skirt are from H&M, from their Trend section. It’s honestly the only section I consistently shop in. The fabrics are usually of a higher quality; it’s more on trend and less general wear and their prices are fantastic. I absolutely love the bodysuit, not just because of the straps across my back, but because it’s got a great neckline. It’s high, but not too high to sit awkwardly on your collar bone. The skirt is so ridiculously slimming and makes my legs look even longer. It’s so fantastic, I even wear it into work, though not with this top combination. The boots are mid-calf ruched snakeskin boots from Simmi London, that I’ve been dying to wear with the right outfit. And the final piece on my outfit is my new Jacquemus Chiquito bag in green suede, that I really hard to scour the internet to find. Man, these bags sell out fast! and they don’t cost an arm and a leg. Yay!!!!

Below are some tips on how to wear the beige and ochre trend.

Tip number 1 You may need to try several different shades of beige until you find the correct one that will look good on your skin tone. If you can’t find any, pair with a dark colour.

Tip number 2 These mid-calf boots are great in principle, but hard to pull off right. If you have short legs, this length will not add, so make sure you’re wearing short shorts or a short dress to offset the length.

Tip number 3 With a lace-up bodysuit like mind; I’d forgo a bra and spanx. In princple, good invisible underwear seems like a fantastic idea, but I find they’re never invisible enough for a bodysuit like this. The last thing you want are bad lines and spanx that roll down on your waist.

Outfit Details

Beige wrap skirt: H&M Trend, found here

Dusk coloured wrap tie bodysuit: H&M Trend, found here

Snakeskin ruched knee boots: Simmi London, found here

Green suede mini bag: Jacquemus Chiquito, found here


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