The Shoot

The Shoot: South Bank Skatepark

I’ve been meaning to shoot at the famous South Bank skate park for years. It’s one of those places that is so incredibly London, and weird at the same time. Underneath the pre-eminent theatre in the UK, home of the National Theatre Company and the height of upper-class life, sits a skate park that has traditionally felt more at home with the anarchists, punks, graffiti artists, and vanguards of society. It’s been threatened with closure for a lot longer than I’ve been around, yet it’s still here and still frequented by skateboarders.

I always had quite a bit of difficulty planning a theme or outfit for this location; it’s been one of the reasons I haven’t shot there until now, and to be honest I’m not 100% happy with the outfit I did end up choosing. While it works very well on its own; you can’t go too urban for this shoot as it would be a cliche, and if I went too glamorous that would be a cliche too.

The end result was this fabulously beautiful fringed blazer dress from Lavish Alice and these snakeskin over-the-knee boots from PrettyLittleThing. It’s also the very first shoot where I get to show off my brand new Dior saddle bag in navy canvas. It’s my new baby and I can’t stop wearing it! 😊

We did manage to grab a few good photos of the lads doing jumps off ramps while I was posing next to them, so that ended up looking really cool.

I think the end result is actually quite an alright shoot. The lighting could have been better, and I think I would need to rethink what type of outfit to do here if I were ever to shoot here again, but the end result it’s quite cool. And the bag and those boots are amazing!

Cobalt fringe dress: Lavish Alice, found here or here – Snakeskin over-the-knee boots: PrettyLittleThing, found here – Navy canvas saddle bag: Christian Dior, found here


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