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The Shoot: H&Moschino, part 1

So, about a month ago, H&M launched their annual designer collaboration, and if you follow fashion news or follow my blog, you’ll know that this year it was with the Italian brand, Moschino.

I’m a bit weird with which designer collaboration I follow and buy and which ones I don’t. The collaboration from 2015 with Balmain was one of my favourites and I was determined to grab a few pieces, but that collection was pandemonium and I ended up not grabbing anything. Last year on the other hand was Erdem and none of it even remotely interested me, so that I didn’t even bother to see if I could grab anything from the collection.

This year’s collection, though I was all for, and expecting an absolute chaos again I prepared for the worst, but I actually managed to grab almost all of the items on my wish list online that morning.

So, for the first time since about 2012, I got to do a shoot with the latest designer collaboration.

I’m trying to do more edgy shoots and streetwear is top of that list. I’m about as street and cool as Taylor Swift, so it was fun if not a bit anxiety-inducing to try out this shoot for someone as tame as me. But there’s just so much irreverence and fun with this collection, it was a whole lot less daunting than Alexander Wang from a few years ago. There was also such a nineties kitsch feel to the entire collection, so you can’t help but laugh at yourself and have fun with the clothes.

The location I chose to best showcase this collection is the Barbican Estate, because of its Brutalist architecture, its sharp lines and numerous nooks and crannies to shoot in. I’ve done a streetwear shoot here before several years ago, but there are so many places to shoot here you’ll always find new places to shoot and never have it look the same.

Lastly, I thought I’d talk a little about the outfit itself. I loved the Moschino sweaters from the collection, and this white sweater dress is fabulous, if not a little loose. I love anything over-the-knee, so you know I had to have those socks and I got to team my new favourite winter boots; these ASOS patent heeled hiking boots. I finished off the outfit with this mad Moschino logo gold choker necklace, that is so ridiculously extra it’s brilliant, and a pair of gold hoop earrings. It’s like a mixture of nineties and JLo, at the height of her early noughties fame. 🙂

White sweater dress: H&M x Moschino, sold out – White over-the-knee logo socks: H&M x Moschino, sold out – Gold logo choker necklace: H&M x Moschino, sold out – Heeled patent hiking boots: ASOS, found here


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