The Throwback: Black Lake

Hello world,

This is yesterday’s Throwback Thursday Look of the Day post, because my laptop had to be repaired and I only got it back last night. So sorry about the delay in this post.

Well this shoot is from the very start of my blog, a good three years ago! This was when I was still getting my mum to do shoots for me and I really didn’t have the confidence to do shoots of this nature. I loved looking back at these photos and remembering how awkward but cool the entire process seemed. 🙂

black lake1

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I never posted this shoot. I think I wanted to create a really dramatic and dark image and I just didn’t know how to use Photoshop well enough to pull it off, but looking back on the images three years later and I really don’t think the images need it. I still can’t do the images as dark and dramatic as the first image, which my mum done for me. Just goes to show, mummy knows and can do better!

black lake3 IMG_1420

The dress is a hilarious one. It cost me €5, I bought it while living in Berlin for a summer and it has got to be the cheapest dress I have ever bought! But surprisingly, it’s very flattering on and looks like it’s worth a lot more in the photos. The feathered bolero is from Next, and from a shoot I done for SCOPE magazine called ‘Feathered Queen’ found here. I loved it so much, I went and bought it for myself afterwards! This was also my feather phase when I was obsessed with them!


So that’s this week’s TBT Look of the Day. What do you think of this simple, but rather dramatic shoot? I really like it, though I do look quite squinty eyed in most of these. It just goes to show, I should stop being so self conscious and not hold on to images for so long. IMG_1443Dress: Tally Weijl (old)
Bolero: Next (old)
Bracelet: Vintage
Ring: Forever 21 (old)
Necklace: Jimmy Choo for H&M (old)
Shoes: New Look (old)

Until then,




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