Designer vs High Street: Nasty Gal’s Balmain Faux Pas

Now anyone who reads these posts on my blog is no stranger to the fact that Nasty Gal love ripping off designers. It doesn’t matter whether they’re indie designers or big name design houses; no copyright is off limits to them.

But it’s quite another when they go around claiming designer pieces as one of their own. Well that major faux pas happened at the Billboard Awards (or BBAs, to those informed) when Taylor Swift walked the red carpet in a very sexy cutout jumpsuit by the house of Balmain. In a very ill-informed Instagram post they then tried to claim that the jumpsuit was one of their own, only to be shot down by dozens of posters pointing out the mistake. Hilarity ensued and the brand quickly took down the post, presumably in a flurry of mortification. Have a look at a screengrab one person managed to capture before the post was deleted from Instagram.

MTMwMjg2ODA5Mzc5ODA0NDM0Now here’s an image of the original Balmain jumpsuit and Nasty Gal’s imitation, that is so close to the original, even the high street brand gets confused with which one is theirs. Maybe they should start worrying with getting slapped with a copyright lawsuit and stop thinking every A-list celebrity is wearing one of their cheap designs.

Designer vs High Street Balmain and Nasty Gal


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