Gone Tutty Fruity

Hello world,

I’ve gone and gotten myself obsessed with fruits over the last few weeks. No, I haven’t suddenly developed a great inkling to actually eat those things (sorry Mam!); rather it’s the fruity prints seen all over the high street that has gotten me so obsessed. When I initially saw the prints on the catwalk for Stella McCartney I knew they were going to be big, but I had to wait an agonising few months until the high street finally caught on.

Ironically I was also asked to research this trend for the latest issue of Irish Tatler and it was pretty hard a month ago, let me tell you!

Thankfully we’re all up to speed now and can enjoy such a playful and merry trend.

Below are a selection of my favourite fruit themed items and as you can see there’s quite a lot of them. What can I say, I LOVE this trend. Some favourites are the Zara blouse, the New Look skirt and of course the Penneys fruit stack rings, which were already featured in a previous post.

Have a look at them,

Images courtesy of prshots, Topshop, net-a-porter, Wallis, River Island, ASOS and Zara.

Until then,





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