The Throwback: Purple Wisteria

This post came about as a complete accident. I was scouting for another shoot in a local park when I came across this garden with the purple wisteria flowering. It was absolutely beautiful and I knew I would only have a short space of time before the flowers would wilt and die. It was already middle May and they wouldn’t last much longer.

Then there was this Motel Rocks jumpsuit and River Island hat combo I had bought after seeing another blogger wear the two items together and I absolutely loved the outfit. So I decided to do my own take on it, and that’s how I came about with this outfit. And thank God it was such a success!

The original post can be found here.


Playsuit: Motel Rocks, found here – Hat: River Island, similar one found here – Heels: Valentino Rockstud, found here – Bracelets: Hermès Collier de Chien and enamel ‘H’ bracelet – Bag: Chanel Le Grand Shopping Tote, Belt: H&M – Necklace: Forever 21


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