The Throwback: Rock The Boat

Hello world,

I’m all out of old posts on my laptop that had never been published, so I guess I’m back to doing what Throwback Thursday is all about, posting really old pictures that appeared on the blog years ago. Ah Instagram, you’re fantastic for coming up with these random traditions.

Today’s image comes from the good old days of 2011 back when my mum used to do most of my blog pictures and before my trusty Canon SLR came into my life. We were using her old point-and-shoot and I knew absolutely nothing about posing in front of a camera except to make really awkward inadvertent faces. Back then we also shot in the evening to get the best light, when nowadays the majority of my images are taken first thing in the morning.

But it’s fun to see how far I’ve come in those three years and to laugh at my old fashion sense and habit to jut out my chin too much. If you’re interested the original post is here.

IMG_1348 copyAA

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