Designer vs High Street: Chanel vs Zara (again!)

Dear, oh dear, oh dear! Zara, the high street brand known for interpreting designer pieces and selling them on the high street are at it again when it comes to producing knock-off pieces of designer collections. Last week, we looked at their take of Chanel’s iconic Le Boy bag, and this week we’re focusing on the multi-coloured trainers Chanel sent down the runway for a/w 2014. When will it ever end?

Though Zara were smart not to have them look too alike, though they failed when it came to the print pattern used for the trainers, as it’s almost an exact copy of the print Chanel sent down their runway. Have a look at the two and tell me, is this imitation or a plain old knock-off?

Chanel vs Zara trainers

Zara’s version of the multi-coloured trainers on the left and Chanel’s original pair on the right.

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