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Anna Dello Russo for H&M

Hello world,

Did I mention how much I love H&M as a high street shop? Clothes I love to wear for a brilliant price and they also do a ridiculous amount of designer collaborations that put all other collaborations to shame.

So you can imagine my joy and glee at the concept that Anna Dello Russo is going to be doing an accessories collection for H&M. And it’s launching on October 4th 2012, smack bang in the middle of fashion month! Coming to over 150 stores, this miniature collaboration might not be on the level of Versace or Lanvin, but it’s sure to make a splash in the blogosphere who view Anna either as an idol or goddess.

Once described by famous fashion photographer Helmut Newton as a ‘fashion maniac’ couldn’t be more apt. Currently holding the position of Fashion Director at Large of Vogue Japan, Anna is synonymous with her extravagant style and over-the-top accessories.

The collection will feature jewellery, sunglasses, shoes, bags and even a trolley, however that will look.

Here’s the first image they have released of the accessories collection;

Images courtesy of H&M. Photography my Magnus Magnusson

Well I for one cannot wait. I’ve always loved Anna’s exuberance when it comes to fashion and her style philosophy of always overdress than underdress, is something I follow a lot myself. Yes, maybe they’re too flashy or even tacky, but it makes it so much more fun.

What do you guys think of this collaboration. Will you be counting down the days or will you skip this collection?

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  1. Macua Hong Kong says:

    I cant wait for this collection.

  2. excited! great accesories… scary pic of Dello Russo though…

  3. bodystockings-4eva says:

    Do you have any other news on this as I’d love to know more. Pityy its such a long wait until then

  4. zum shop says:

    This is so brilliant!!!!

  5. Santo Brizendine says:

    I always like Anna dello ‘russo. I cannot wait for it.

  6. Dansia says:



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