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The Street Stylers: Taylor Tomasi Hill


Taylor Tomasi Hill is a bit of an oddity when it comes to the street stylers; she is not a model and neither is she a blogger. Instead she’s a well-respected fashion editor who just happened to fall into the limelight due to her model-esque figure, her flame-coloured hair and her quirky and adorable personal style. While the former might have sought out the fame that comes with being known as a street styler, Hill came upon it by accident. So how did a former Teen Vogue accessories director come to be so well known as she is today?

Her fashionable life began while still at college, when she interned in the accessories department for W magazine and realised her love for fashion was something worth pursuing as a career. From there she jumped to Teen Vogue and soon became their accessories director for four years before she moved to US Marie Claire to  become their style and accessories director. Somewhere along the way she came to the notice of street photographers covering the various fashion weeks and somehow overnight she became one of the most photographed women in the fashion industry.

Its not hard to see why; with a figure like hers and hair as eye-catching as hers it would have been a wonder if no-one took notice of her. She was on the rise in an era where street style stars were being made and bloggers were still the cool new thing. With a legitimate job in fashion, access to great clothes and connections she was the natural evolution of the street style star.  It also didn’t hinder her that she has a killer sense of style.

So after two years at Marie Claire she moved on to become creative director at Moda Oprandi, an online luxury retailer that allows their customers to order items directly from the collection.  After two years at Moda Operandi she quit the company in September 2013 and disappeared for a few months only to reappear with her own floral arrangement business called TTH Blooms. While it’s a big change in careers, Hill herself admits in subsequent interviews to Net-a-porter’s The Edit that it was a natural move as it still allows her to work in a creative field. Though she might be as heavily involved in the fashion industry anymore, she is still a powerful player. Zara featured her on their website back in May due to her style and her floral business, though it has no office or website is still keeping her as busy as ever. So to celebrate Taylor Tomasi Hill and her impeccable style, here’s some amazing outfits of hers.

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