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The Throwback: Club Tropicana, Two

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For this week’s Throwback Thursday ‘Look of the Day’, I’m featuring part two of the Club Tropicana series. This was shot back in My 2012 and it never originally ended up on my blog. With this shoot here, you can see why as nearly every image is blurred to an extent. I done the best I could to sharpen them out, but unfortunately it’s still a bit obvious.

While the lack of focus in the images might have bothered me two years ago, now I think it really adds to the character of the shoot. It’s blurred and frenetic, much like the idea behind the shoot.

IMG_5831It’s really interesting to compare the fashion trends from the last two years. Just like in 2012, the tropical print is a big theme in this spring/summer season, but it’s interesting to see that while trends are recycled, they do change over time. This season it’s all about palm prints and multi-coloured jungle prints, whereas two years ago, the predominant colour was blue and it was more aquatic in theme.

This outfit here is a perfect example of it, and I have to say I’m still absolutely in love with this Zara skirt. It honestly makes me feel like I’m scuba diving along a reef.

IMG_5846 IMG_5850And it’s cool to see that bralets were in style even two years ago. This Topshop bralet is a cool blue tropical print and it matches the skirt very well.

I finished the look off with a multi-coloured embroidered clutch from River Island to give it a punch of colour and some neon sunnies from Primark, which I must have in almost every colour by now. 🙂

IMG_5854 IMG_5851So what do you think of this shoot? It’s this series that has made me fall in love with tropical prints all over again, as they’re so vibrant and youthful and make me feel like it’s summer already. As always, let me know what your thoughts are on this in the comments section.

IMG_5856 IMG_5846a

Bralet: Topshop, old season
Skirt: Zara, old season
Clutch: River Island, old season
Sunnies: Primark, old season
Rings: HM, old season
Necklace: Forever 21, old season

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