The Throwback: Burn Baby Burn

This week’s ‘The Throwback’ is going back to the earliest days of my blog, all the way back to May 2011. This photo was taken when we visited the place I grew up in Ireland; Donegal on a quick trip before I made my big move to London. It’s particularly special to me, because before this image all the shoots I done were pretty formulaic to be honest. Then this happened.

For anyone not aware of what rural Ireland is like, bog fires are a serious issue we deal with every summer and most of the time they only cause a moderate amount of damage. This year though it was particularly bad as it nearly engulfed an entire town and dozens of homes had be be evacuated. It took almost an entire week to get the blaze under control and when we drove through the area a week later, there were still pockets of smoking bogland. Aside from the sheer devastation, there was a beauty to seeing the burnt and blackened earth and I was struck with the desire to do a shoot on the blackened earth. I had only packed a few outfits for the weekend, the entire shoot was planned completely last minute, but somehow it worked out brilliantly. The dark moody clouds perfectly matched the blackened earth and the feather top worn under the leather dress gives enough movement to make the picture pop. My only qualm with the image is that I didn’t know how to pose yet.

IMG_1184Dress: Primark – Feather top: New Look – Heels: River Island – Clutch: River Island – Necklace and bracelets: Forever 21 – Sunnies: Primark



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