Imposed exile, rioting and the great comeback

Hello world,

I’m at least partially back from my exile, also known as moving flat and not having any internet. This is starting to become a bit of a worrying trend for me, isn’t it? If it helps for all my dear readers, it’s been an absolute pain for me too!

Now back to the topic at hand. Anyone out there who wasn’t aware of the riots that occurred a couple of weeks ago in London and throughout the major cities of Britain? They were scary, right? Thankfully I moved the weekend they all kicked off, because my old area was very close to Wood Green, which got hit pretty badly. Thankfully where I live now had been completely free of rioting, probably because of the high concentrate of Irish here! 🙂

Image courtesy of the Daily Telegraph

So while the rest of London showed an amazing amount of solidarity, I was very pleased to hear that London businesses had banded together and set up a charitable fund to help those high street retailers that were hit by the riots. Some of the worst hit areas were no doubt Peckham, Clapham, Croydon, Tottenham and even the beloved Oxford Circus wasn’t immune.

It’s good to see that out of such ugliness arising from the underbelly of British society, the best of this culture can be shown at the same time, through the riot cleanup movement that was started on Facebook and Twitter.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen again!

Until then,



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