The Shoot: Ice Ice Baby!

Hello world,

Ahh, I’m so sorry for being so late on my blog posts again, but what with moving house and getting sick again, I really haven’t got the time. That and my new place hasn’t got internet, so I’m going to have to see how I am going to manage not going crazy. As you can already guess, I’m a little addicted to the online world.

That being said, here is the outfit post that was meant to be done yesterday. This was shot in Alexandra Palace too and the whole time I was singing, ‘Ice, Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice in my head, hence the title.

Enjoy the pictures as usual and let me know what you think.

Top: New Look
Jeans: The Sting
Jacket: River Island (old)
Heels: Zara
Bracelet: Forever 21
Armadillo ring: Forever 21
Ring: Thrift shop
Bag: Coco California

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