The Shoot: White Queen

So I have been meaning to do a shoot in Brighton for ages – years in fact. Every year when I draw up a list for the blog of things I want to achieve, improvements to be made and locations to prioritise, Brighton is pretty high up on that list. And I finally managed it, in winter. Not exactly the best time of the year to be heading down to the beach, but there’s a method to my madness. At least I hope so.

Shooting in Brighton in the summer is definitely still a priority for the blog, but I recently came across a shoot from Vogue China with the lovely Cara Delevingne called Fallen Angels. And somehow just reminded me of the rocky beach of Brighton and it made me think of how I could do my own interpretation of this shoot. It also matched in so well to a River Island white fur lapel coat I spotted in the shops months previously and saved an image of it onto my phone. Though annoyingly, the coat itself was sold out by the time I finally done this shoot, which just goes to show you shouldn’t wait around.

But that is how this shoot was born and it evolved quite a bit from this idea of fallen angels to a hazy, white queen style shoot instead, taking in the sea behind me and the surprisingly sunny day when this was actually shot. I also love the skeleton of the old west pier at Brighton and how it seems to sit so quietly in the water, like it’s almost coming out of the mist.

For a shoot, where the clothes changed last minute and I ended up getting practically all the alternative pieces picked out for this shoot, it was pulled off surprisingly well. But when it goes right, it really goes right with me. Either way, enjoy!

img_9594 img_9607 img_9616 img_9629 img_9583 img_9661 img_9588 img_9636 img_9681 img_9672 img_9674 img_9670 img_9662

Outfit 1: White pleated buckle skirt: Topshop, found here – White satin bralet: Topshop, found here – White tuxedo blazer: H&M, similar one found here and here – Mongolian faux fur scarf: Topshop, found here 

Outfit 2: Embellished white shirt dress: Topshop, found here


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