The Shoot

The Shoot: Floating in White Light

Hello world,

Here is today’s ‘Look of the Day’. Sorry about the lateness in posting this today, but work and real life has a habit of catching up on you. This outfit post actually has a bit of a message to it, or to clarify there’s a running theme in these images. Can you guess what it is?

The photo you see in the background is an old photo of my mum and a man who was my step-dad and a man I considered the closest thing to a real dad for many years. He died exactly two weeks ago today, and I wanted to honour him in some way on this blog as he was so proud of me going to London on my own.

I don’t wanna bring you guys down, because you are awesome and you don’t need to hear me lamenting on the evils of death, so I will cut this short and just add. I miss you Rodger, very much! And a second apology to all my wonderful readers for not updating as much as usual. Grief seems to have taken away my mojo.

Enjoy the rest of the photos.

Shirt: Penneys/Primark
Lace vest: vintage
Skirt: DIY
Shoes: Zara
Belt: vintage @ Beyond Retro
Assorted rings and bracelet: Thrift shop and Forever 21
Necklace: Jimmy Choo for H&M

Until then,




Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
My interests lie in producing high editorial-style content, shooting in grand and unique locations, make-up shoots and doing more studio shoots that really push the boundaries.
I'm open to collaborations and ideas, so please message me.

(Achim, Du bist die Ausnahme, also lass den Quatsch)

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