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The Everyday Shoot: Linen shirt and denim skirt

You know I’ve never been much of a denim skirt fan24. In all my years, I honestly cannot remember the last time I owned one; if I ever did. I don’t quite know what my aversion to them has been for so long. But I’m glad I got over whatever was stopping me from wearing them. So, to explain why I’m telling you this and how this ties into the above outfit.

Read on below.

I was shopping in Zara for something completely different. I think I was grabbing something for a different shoot. While I’m walking through the busy store, two things hit me at the same time. The first is this lightly striped oversized linen shirt hanging off a stand is actually really cute. The second thought was how it would look amazing half tucked into a denim skirt. I have no idea what sparked this thought, or why it even popped into my head, but I knew I had to try it out. But Zara doesn’t really do denim skirts, so off I go to H&M who can always be trusted to have some good ones on sale.

And the end result is, I tried this outfit concept on about 20 minutes later in a H&M shop, a few doors down from the Zara and really loved it. I really wanted something akin to a luxurious bum bag to go with the outfit, but I didn’t have any and I didn’t know what brand would do a good one. So, when I came home, I tried using my Chloé Nile Minaudière as a waist-style belt. The last item for the outfit was a pair of espadrilles, which I have also never worn before. I just seem to be breaking so many unwritten personal style rules in one outfit here, I might as well go and break some more.

So, if you’d like to wear this outfit, here are some tips;

Rule 1: Make sure your shirt is long enough and that the side is cut open so you can tuck it into your skirt.

Rule 2: Go for a shorter length denim skirt, and one that has an A-line skirt. It shouldn’t sling to your legs otherwise the shirt underneath won’t look great.

Rule 3: If you’re going to use your cross-body bag as a waist bag, make sure you choose one with adjustable straps and loop the strap once under your flap. This will only work for flap-style bags.

Rule 4: The outfit is very casual, so go for casual shoes to match. I went for heeled espadrilles, which are great if you don’t want to wear flats, but still want your legs to have the nice shape from wearing heels.

Outfit Details

Striped oversized linen shirt: Zara, found here

Distressed denim a-line skirt: H&M, found here

Black canvas heeled espadrilles: H&M, found here

Black leather mini bag: Chloé Nile Minaudiere in gold hardware, found here


Eight years in, and still killing this fashion game. Now a mother, wife, professional-by-day and part-time blogger in between, I still love blogging, producing fashion shoots and curating this blog.
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