Irish Tatler editorial shoot outfit

Hello world,

This is the outfit I wore to Wednesday’s shoot for Irish Tatler. It was an exhausting day because I only arrived back home from London at like midnight the night before and had to get up early the next day.

I also thought I’d show you what I bought in London. The skirt is from my new favourite place in the world, ‘Retro Woman’ and it only cost me £25 and the belt is from ‘Beyond Retro’ in Soho and cost £10.

Compared to Ireland the really crappy vintage shops over here, they’re amazing and an absolute bargain!!!

Sorry about the bad quality though. They were taken on my iPhone.

Top: old one
Skirt: Vintage from ‘Retro Woman’
Shoes: Zara
Python snake belt: Vintage from ‘Beyond Retro’
Necklace: Jaeger
Cuff: Jaeger

Until then,





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