Shop of the Week – Dannii Minogue’s Project D at ASOS

Hello world,

Dannii Minogue’s first collection with her friend and designer Tabitha Somerset-Webb to launch her Project D capsule collection. Now for the first two weeks it will only be available online or at Selfridges and Harrods, but after that period the rest of us can get them on ASOS or

These dresses are on the expensive side, with the tan leopard print dress Dannii is wearing in the first photo going for £235!
So the question is, why would these dresses be worthy of making it shop of the week?

Well for those that love celebrity fashion lines, this is right up your alley-way and coming from a woman beloved for her fashion sense.

The other is the sense of exclusivity lent to these dresses because of where they can be bought and how much they cost.
But for me it’s all about how pretty they actually really are, and for that reason I can look aside the hefty price tag.

Here are some of the dresses from her collection, which is in stores in Britain today and come out on ASOS and in two weeks.

Until then,


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